Dual Diploma in Operation Theater & Anesthesia Technician


Dual Diploma in Operation Theater & Anesthesia Technician

Operation Theater Technician is a Diploma-level course having a duration of 2 years. It is a full-time course that follows the semester-pattern. Students have to study 4 semesters for the successful completion of this course.  This course prepares the students to manage all the work of operation theatre. The responsibility of operation theatre technologists is direct and indirect patient care, equipment set up, and operation procedures. These professionals provide assistance to surgeons during operations. In addition, they perform the tasks like preparing operation theatre table, anesthesia table, instrument table, look surgical instruments, etc.

Dual Diploma will equip the students with the fundamental and intricate knowledge and hands on skill of proper care, handling and dosage of anesthesia and anapestic machinery as well as taking care of the patients undergoing surgery via modern tools required for the procedure. They can gain amazing employment opportunities as technician in hospitals and health care institutes and assist the medical doctors.


4 Semesters