B.Voc In Hospital Sterilization Technology


B.Voc In Hospital Sterilization Technology

B.Voc. in Hospital Sterilization Technology is a 3-year undergraduate vocational program under which, we train students to work as infection control technologist.

The candidates are responsible for caring for all the surgical instruments and additionally their disinfection and sterilization. Candidates help the specialist amid operations and nearly take care of the medications, anesthetic gases, curtains, and sterilization necessities during surgery. A student is introduced to the various sterilization machines used to sterilize instruments. By the end of the course a student learns efficiently on how to use sterilization techniques to sterilize instruments and redistribute them for future use.

The specific educational objectives of the course aim at favoring the following competencies:

Internship Training

06 to 12 months


+2 / 12 pass (Any Stream)