Advanced Diploma In Fashion Designing


Advanced Diploma In Fashion Designing

A sector in constant evolution; the brands require strong identities for specific audiences and invest in various sectors (fashion etc.).

Varying between 12 to 24-month duration, a Diploma / Advanced Diploma in Fashion Designing is a skill-based industry-oriented course where everything from the specifics of design and development to starting and sustaining a brand is discussed extensively. Industriousness and creativity are believed to be the blood of the fashion industry. Fashion ideas, culture study, patterns, garment design and related topics form the core part of the course. Furthermore, Marketing, Retailing, Communication, Product Development, Social Media are also dealt with. This course ingrains all the required knowledge for an individual to be adept in the Fashion Industry. Since fashion is a subject of taste, governed by subjectivity and innovation, it is more about teaching the students how to explore their own creativity instead of following theoretical knowledge.

We are offering Skill Development Certification in Fashion Designing (Both Advanced Diploma and Diploma programs)   Let’s explore the diverse aspects of these courses as well as its variants offered across the world.